I’m Rolly Custodio, CEO of this Blog, Stock Equity Investor, Forex Investor and Online Entrepreneur, Former Overseas Filipino Worker worked as Project Civil Structural Engineer of Jacobs Zate Consulting Engineers.  I learned to invest in Stock Market in 1992 with my friend Eng’r. Nelson Sunga one of my colleague in Federal Builders Inc. who worked before as Plant Engineer in Portland Concrete Cement when we build together Evergotesco Shopping Mall in Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines. Nelson, knew Stock Market Business when he studied Master of Business Administration from University of the Philippines aside for being Civil Engineer. He taught me a lot of strategies on how to invest in Philippine Stock Market. I also read a lot of books of Peter Lynch (No.1 Fund Manager of US, Founder of Fidelity and Magellan Fund) and How to Make Money in Stocks: Winning System in Good or Bad Times book/CAN SLIM Principles by William O’Neil. I started only an initial capital of P50,000 way back in 1992 and until today this capital in one of my brokers’ account grows more than P500,000 plus. The Return of my Investment is about 37.50% average yearly. My advice to anyone especially OFW before you invest in the Philippine Stock Market you must know the three points below;

1. You should educate first yourself about the stock market business. Because you have to know first on how to qualify the company before you buy. Second, you need to learn the fundamental status of each company that you need to buy and third you have to understand it’s intrinsic value so that you will know if the company is over price or undervalue. Fourth, you need also to know the technical analysis especially the simple terms like bulls, bear, support, resistance, sideways, breakout, breakdown, consolidation, uptrend, and downtrend. And lastly, you need to know the strategies. All of these topics I will be teaching in detail here in my blog.

2. How much capital you can afford? semi-monthly or every 15 days, monthly or yearly.

3. Upon compliance with points 1 and 2. You should look for your Stock Broker. You can start with initial capital of P10,000 for COL Financial and P25,000 for 2tradeasia broker. My favorite Stock Brokers are under Yapster e-Trade Inc, BPI Securities, and HK Securities but is the first online stock broker in the Philippines and has complete devices in technical analysis and their research and development always updated. I suggest that Before Start of actual investment, You can create Live Zero Investment and will give you P10K Virtual account. I suggest to use first Virtual Account and after you succeeded using Zero Investment or Virtual Account. Example say your virtual account is P10K after a three months this virtual capital grows to P13K that is 30% increase. This builds confidence in your part. Remember that in Stock Market You must use your mind and we call this Intelligent approach and Not Emotional approach and put your capital in a conservative way, meaning you should not invest 100% of all your capital cash you must start 25% to maximum 50%. The Remaining 50% is your risk supporter. The Best way to be conservative Stock investor buy maximum 5 stocks so that you can monitor it properly. Be very patience; For Me My Strategy is to qualify first the Top 5 Stocks Company based on Fundamental analysis and I buy Undervalue or below Intrinsic Value and Growth Stocks (I will explain this in detail later in my blog) And I Monitor Closely and being conservative Stock Investor when these Five qualified stocks DROP 4x or 4days in a row then I buy and put a Stop Loss of 8% (This is the risk I can handle) and I put 10% Target Gain and then Sell it and I repeat the process when there is no 4x successive Drop I don’t buy but wait, presume after I buy and it drops again to 5x drop already I don’t panic remember  I have 50% Reserve Capital and I passed 1 day to wait before infuse additional capital because after one day either the stock will drop 6x or goes up if it drops 6x then I buy the 10% of my capital to support your capital and remember I have still 40% reserved if it drops again on 7x I passed again 1 day to see if it will go up or drop again on the next day. As my 24 yrs in this Stock Business if the market crash it drops more than 7x but if the market is stable I believed that qualified stocks drop to minimum 4x and maximum drop 7x.(This Strategy I will detail later and post to my blog).

For Forex Trading I started this investment on March, 2015 as the first day of JJPTR in Malaysia But I didn’t know yet this JJPTR. But before I joint this investment I research that Forex Trading like Stock Trading is a legitimate business and a $4 Trillion Daily Transaction, So before joining I do my research and trade a virtual account, As long time Stock Investor and Trader, I am investing in a conservative method in Forex Trading even as of today also in Stock Trading (But take note I am doing right now and develop my own a Stock Trading Pro software that can give me signal when to buy, fix my profit target and sell it). In my Forex virtual account after three months I won consistently at least 5% monthly then I decided to trade myself on RB Options Trading, Stockpair Trading and Binary Option Trading. But sometime in August 1, 2016, I came across JJPTR and I did my research on this Company and Johnson Lee for three months that his Surefire Strategy is effective and his investment proposal has average R.O.I. of 20% monthly because of this I decided to joint JJPTR Forex Trading. For disclaimer Forex Trading is Real Investment and This is not a SCAM like Ponzi and Baladia SCAM.

Online Investment/ Internet Marketing, I Started 7 Years Ago and I am Selling Digital Products from ClickBank, JVZoo, Warriors Forum Plus, Commission Junction and Unity Network. I have a lot of Tools bought myself to drive traffic in FB, Tweeter, Youtube, Instagram and Google Adsense using Organic Method (Not Paid Ads). But I also doing Paid Traffic on Facebook and Instagram Ads with a click from P0.28 to P0.066 only. My advice to anyone if you want to start on Online Business. There are three things you must know.

  1. You should Know How To Create Blog (Of any products- both Physical and Digital products)
  2. You should Master the creation of Squeeze Page Sales Funnels, Thrive Leads, and Auto Responder to gather email lists/prospects.
  3. And You should know Targetted Traffic through organic and paid ads.

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