Octosuite De Luxe Edition – FB Targeted Traffic Tool

First Octosuite is Business Traffic Tool and I Used Regularly To Drive Organic Targeted Traffic around 100 Target Communities in 4 clicks. It has capabilities to join 100 communities in 5 mins. And It can categorize the community in four folders. Which means if your product is Health and Fitness he can search all 100 communities which interested in health and fitness only. He can post using Video and Photo and link you going to your affiliate link, website, blog or FB Page.

Second, Octosuite can scan trending content of youtube and facebook and then you can use and post to your FB Page and post to all targeted communities in 100 communities and can schedule the date the rich content to post in numerous communities and fb pages.

Third, This is user-friendly and even a newbies can use this and has great bonus like Automatic invite all likers of your trending photo and become your followers in few clicks at your FB page.

Finally, this Tool offered together with Link Cloaker (has short cut your affiliate link which FB can’t identify because FB now a day didn’t accept to post affiliate link and Photo Editor), Syndicate Posting in Tweeter and Youtube and PLR Rights. But I bought only Link Cloader and Image Editor Bundle with small cost because other included Tools are very expensive and It is not necessary anymore.

To understand this clearly please check the video demo by Creator Luke Maguire below NOW!

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