My Review of Instrument Impact

First, Instrument Impact is a Blog Software Business Application is developed by Unity Network which is I am one of the Pioneer Member. This Application Tool can easily create unlimited blog post within 15 mins. The format and site builder are user-friendly even the newbies can use this tool very easy what I mean if you know Microsoft Word Application you can use this Apps very easy.

Secondly, this Tool have a lot of plug-ins such as website guru theme plates in any niches/products. likwise, it has also thrive leads a plug-in that gather all information of the customer and you can command the Tool to either put your thrive lead at side, inside content of blog post, footer and even top of home header it has a lot of theme plates also which is professional well made. Also this Tool can be intigrated with autoresponder such as aweber, get response, mailchimps etc.. There are a lot of plug-in like social media plug-in facebooks, tweeter, youtube, instagram, penterest etc.. and so on. And likewise, The powerful push notification plug-in which gathers leads very fast if you offer free e-book in exchange of customer information.

Thirdly, I like the way you edit by typing and drag and post either you will post a main content, side content, arrangement of pages. and you can command the tools which pages you want to put first and categorize all your post which the software organize properly.

Fourthly, This Tool has capability to present report like email list, those who response positive, and gather those information who converted as buyer and capability to show sales report.

Lastly the software, Although there is no autoresponder itself except for integration still this Tool aside from gather the customer information there is capability to send email and follow up your customer until they will be convert to sales and this powerful because this automation which means you can have sales even you are not present what i mean even you are sleeping, go to beach and shopping still your blog or website can convert a lot of sales.

The negative I have seen on this software is withour ready integration of webinar but according to Unity Network Developer they will put immediate webinar theme format in the future. Althought there is no ready webinar theme format still you can create video training webinar in your created pages and post content. Overall capability of this application, I rate this Instrument Impact from 1 to 5. as 4.9 Excellent Business Tool Application. For Actual Demonstration please check this beta video presented by my Sponsor Raymond Tabaque (Internet Coach/Teacher).

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