Tuesday, 15 Nov. 2016

In our last blog post I discussed on how to enter or register in your broker’s account. This time we will navigate your broker’s account features inside. When you open an account below are the features that you can see and performs as follows;

1. When you deposit your initial investment of P25,000 at 2Tradeasia it will appear on the upper right corner how much your available balance. Note when you use the 50% of your initial capital to buy stocks it will show in your account main menu the remaining 50% left cash amount. You will see also on this Main menu the overall performance of the Philippine Stock Index at the left side upper corner. And If you see red color of the index points it means the over-all performance of PSE on this day is downed by so much points or -%. However if you see green color on the PSE Index it means the over-all performance of PSE on this day is up or +%. On the same Main menu you can see also the lists of the stocks that you put as favorites either it shows green color which is positive or red color which is negative.

2. On the next menu is Chart which means under this Chart you can see the graphic or techinical analysis performance of the stocks that you have bought. You will see the Static and Dynamic Charts. In the Static Chart You will see the 20 &50 days  and 100 days & 200 days period moving average chart graphic and the measurement signals such MACD Oscilators, DMI Spread, RSI and Stochastic these the four technical signals you can see.

3. Another capability that you can see in Menu is Research this is my favorite. This Research you can see the Company’s profile, Valuation, Financial, Dividend History and Company News. Likewise, under this Research is Yapster Report such as Daily News and Their Update Research.

4. The fourth Menu is Quotes. On this menu you can see Main Quote, Stock Info, Broker’s Info, Market Statistics and Market Index. On this Menu I would like to emphasize under Main Quote this sub-menu you can quote at the same for six companies.

5. On the Fifth Menu is Trading under this or sub-menus you can place New Order. View Order, View Portfolio, View Trades and view History. On the New Order Menu which I discuss only. You can order new company share there is a command for board lot and odd lot. When we speak of board lot here’s the table below in connection stock price on how many shares you can order (see Table below) and with regards to Odds this is the shares which are left or uneven shares. Example 1233 shares the board lot is 1,200 shares for Odd lot is 33 shares. See Table below!


6. The six in line of Menu is Analytics and under this Menu are Price, Shares, Technical Financial. I will discuss on Price under this Menu you will see Daily Quotation, 52 Week High/Low, % Yield To Date Change and Index Movers. The Next Sub-Menu is Shares and Technical, Under Technical is RSI or Relative Strength Index and Moving Average which was discussed on the above subject either it moves 20 & 50 days period or 100 & 200 days period moving average. And lastly, the sub-menu is Financial under this Sub-Menu are Par and Book Value, EPS and PER, Dividend Yield and Debt to Equity Ratio. These terms i will discuss this separately.

7. The second to the last Menu is Daily News for each Companies and Exchange News which means the updated of Philippine Stock Exchange Update Regulations and other instruction from them.

8. The Last Menu is Tutorial of Yapster e-Trade on their online website

To get the glimpse please see below the video;

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