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Now a days Forex Trading especially Binary Option is most popular Forex Trading and has more than $5 Trillion USD transaction per day around the world. On this investment if you are not expert trader you will lost all your millions in one day however if you are an Expert Trader you will become millionaire/wealthy and one of this Expert Trader is Johnson Lee, he is the Founder of JJPTR who visited our country last 29 Oct. 2016 from Malaysia. He is very open and transparent Guy and You can rely on his expertise on Forex Trading and His vision is to make Poor person become Rich (Especially Employees who live from paycheck to paycheck) that is why JJPTR was created and JJPTR means came from his Father’s Name (John) and Sister’s Name (Jane) and PTR means Poor To Rich. His company JJPTR Global Investment Network is inviting all Filipino Investors who will invest their Savings from a minimum of $25 (P1.325K) to a maximum of $1,000 (P53K) see table below and he will give you capital gain of 20% monthly profit and if you want to refer somebody you can get 5% commission monthly as long as the capital is not pull out and these monthly profit and commission are deposited directly to your assigned bank accounts in the Philippines. According to Robert Kiyosaki There are four categories of people who are earning money as follows; one category is employee (This kind of earning you are bound to eight hours daily and your earning is limited, second category is self-employed on this scenario you are still working but your earning is limited only because you are single or maybe few are working with you, the third category is business man on this scenario you are still working and manage the business if you are clever you can gain profit but if not you will bankrupt and most problems although you have staff but you need still need to exert efforts and think deeply and report to work regularly because if you will not report your business might be failed and the fourth or  last category is Investor the concept being investor is you let your money grows and works for you and even you are not reporting to the company or business and has a unlimited income and i call this SMART Investing and putting our money to the Expert is smart decision as far as I knew in America there are a lot of millionaires and investors and they put their millions to Hedge Funds and manage by the Experts and their capital grows faster. In JJPTR you just only put your money to invest and Johnson Lee and His Team of Expert Trader trade our money and each investor can invest with a minimum $25 or P1,350 and maximum of $1K or P53,000 and the policy of this investment is good for 18 months and you can top up or double your capital every six months from the amount of $25 to $1000 (see table above) to double your capital and there is no problem to withdraw your initial capital anytime from JJPTR only they will deduct 1% processing charge and you can expect  to receive your capital within a week to get your capital back. When it comes to Forex Trading This Man is a Genius, Teacher and Expert. Today (14 Dec. 2016) Philippines has grown 10,000 plus members and 18 Countries are participating members. On this investment strategy they keep growing around the world because JJPTR is Global Investment Network and as of 14 Dec. 2016 they have 146.68 Million USD total capital + MTP4 and having 207,770 members or participants around the world (see photo below)


With Regards To JJPTR Registration and License Please See Below Their Malaysia’s License:


There are online and offline Businessmen outside or Naysayers reported that JJPTR is a SCAM and SCARY because of 240% returned per year and 100% Risk but don’t you know that all Business and Investment have all Risk and have small return but not in the case of  Forex Business which you can earn more than 240% or even higher every year. The most advantage of JJPTR  is they manage their Risk. You will be SCARY or AFRAID if you invest in someone else and promise to give you 20% return monthly profit but you don’t know where they put or bring your Capital in or what business they are doing. Here in JJPTR at least we knew where they invest our capital and where they get our profits from. For me I knew Forex Trading how it works and I research this company for three months if it is legit and so far based on my research  I didn’t see that JJPTR is a Ponzi Scam because they are legit company who invest in Forex Trading (Please see their Forex Broker’s Arm: http://www.jjprofx.com/index.php/en/) and I didn’t hear any negatives from Filipino members and who did not able to get their profits monthly every Filipinos are very happy because of what they received monthly 20% returned passive income (See Facebook JJPTR Team Phillipines: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1073487452715540/) and for me and my family we decided to invest total of $4,000 USD (P212K) what I did is I invest first myself of maximum of $1K (P53K) and referred my wife and 2 kids to get the 5% commission of  their $3K (P159K) maximum Investment capital  and we are getting 21%  or  (P44,650) Monthly Profit  Returned directly deposited to our assigned bank accounts. To show confident on the public please see one of the Investors of JJPTR name Cesar Salaum Jr of His Honest Reviewed below of JJPTR Five (5) days transaction ( From 31 Oct. to 4 Nov. 2016) http://www.jjprofx.com/index.php/en/;

As you can see, you can even log-in to the trading platform of JJPTR forex trading and view its trading activities/history http://www.jjprofx.com/index.php/en/ . You can see how profitable the trading is, losses are minimized.

As of November 19, 2016, I logged in to JJPTR trading platorm and viewed its trading account history, it accumulated a total of over 18 million dollars profit from October 31, 2016 to November 18, 2016 of trading forex.


And Now Latest Reviewed by Cesar Salaum Jr. from (26 Nov. to 3 Dec. 2016) How JJPTR Earned $9.10 Million USD Profit  in just five (5) days http://www.jjprofx.com/index.php/en/ ;


With regards to JJPTR Founder Johnson Lee please see his photo below and background before he become successful;


Johnson Lee established JJ Global Network. He was born in California in 1989. During high school, he scored good grades in both Maths and Science, but he did not manage to pass Malay language. Therefore there was no university to offer him a place in 2009.

His parents sold their house in Malaysia and send both his sister and him to USA for studies.  After one year in USA, he had spent all his money.

He then became a private math tutor to earn a living. He gave private tuition to Chinese people and he earned 20k usd in 4 months time due to some reasons.

He did not manage to apply for financial aids. So he worked 3 part time jobs per day.

After 3 months, he felt sick. He lost all his friends and network since he joined network marketing business.

He was stubborn and did not want to go back Malaysia to work. That’s why he started to look for Binary options and forex from the Internet.

In 6 months time, he started JJBINARY (binary option investment). Unfortunately, he lost all the money in a very short period.

His mom sponsored him a 3k usd and he was forced to work in a Casino within 6 months, he got a big improvement in risk management and also emotion control.

He found a new strategy for binary option and a strategy called “sure fire ” from the Internet.

He started to enrol in forex & stocks training course. In 2014, he was back in Malaysia  because of fate, he met a trader who is a financial market veteran and they became friends.

That friend introduced him to other several professional traders and high net worth financial investors.

And JJPTR strategy was created since then.

In 2015 May, JJPTR was “born”

How does JJPTR Company Earn So Much in FOREX Trading?

JJPTR professional traders utilize strategic trading. Even in downward trend (bearish market), JPPTR’s trading strategy can still profit in that trend.


They’re using the “surefire”, “anti-surefire” and martingale strategy combined with technical analysis indicators (with focus on candlestick, heiken-ashi and renko) and with knowledge on the fundamentals of the forex market (see screenshots above).

They have also an auto-trading system that is highly profitable and generates up to 50% monthly return.

Trading EUR/USD currencies even if the trend is downward, JJPTR can still profit with it’s strategic trading. Stock and forex traders know this.

For video live presentation of  Johnson Lee  JJPTR Founder conducts lecture to all Filipino Investors on how he earned on Forex Trading Exchange. Click the Video Below NOW!

This company is dedicated to the poor people who wants to achieve financial freedom.

How the JJPTR Investment Works?

If you invest in JJPTR, your money will be invested to the forex market thru its professional and skilled traders.

Investment ranges from a minimum of 25 (USD) to a maximum of 1,000 (USD).

You investment will earn 20% profit per month. This 20% profit will be deposited to your bank account.

No extra work needed from you. No selling. No recruiting. Let your money work for you.

If you invest $1,000, you can earn $200 monthly profit. It will be deposited to your bank account.

If you live in the Philippines, the company set the peso-dollar rate for pay-in which is Php53 per $1 (US dollar). While peso-dollar rate for payout is Php47 per $1 .

So, if you invest $1,000 (capital) which is equivalent to Php53,000 (1,000 x Php 53= Php53,000), you will receive Php9,400 per month. That amount will be deposited directly to your bank account.

See the table below for the investment threshold and their corresponding profit per month.


If you are interested to joint here are the procedure are below;

1.Deposit your capital from $25 (P1.325K) to $1,000 (P53K). And deposit or transfer the account to Reynan Sison who is the sole broker in the Philippine given authority by JJPTR (Please click this http://jjptr.com website now and you will see his name as the only Philippine Representative) And for the Wire Remittance Abroad Vilma Ramos Leonida, she’s the Secretary of Reynan Sison. If you become a JJPTR Investor you will be able to joint the Facebook Group JJPTR Philippine Team or click this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1073487452715540/


2. After deposit or Transfer the amount you invested into the bank account of Reynan Sison, Write down your Full Name on the Transfer or Deposit slip and submit to me or Reynan Sison or to Vilam Ramos Leonida for approval within 24 hours.

3. Submit also one scanned copy of Government ID or Passport.

Below are the acceptable ID;


4. Submit Also You Bank Account Name and Bank Account Savings Number to where the Monthly Profit and Monthly Commission To Be Deposited.

5. Submit Your Home Address and Contact Telephone Number and Email Address.

6. Once We received all your documents (Deposit/Tranfer Slips, Government ID, Bank Account, Mobile Number and Email address)  I will register you using my affliate link  http://www.jjptr.com/af/214296 and wait for 24 hours approval from Reynan Sison (Philippine Broker) and Vilma Ramos Leonida (Reynan/JJPTR Philippine’s Secretary).

7. After Approval, You will received your Agen’t ID and Password or Affiliate Link. And You can see your JJPTR Online or Profile Account including your downlines if you have any to refer. After this, you will wait for the schedule of Payout from the Reynan Sison or Vilma Ramos Leonida schedule date of release below;


If you deposit on

Period Date JJPTR Received                                                             Profit/Commission Release Period

1st Batch: 31st-9th day of this month >>>>>>> 10th – 15th day (Profit) and 16th-17th day (Commission) of Next Month

2nd Batch: 10th-19th day of this month>>>>>> 2oth – 25th day (Profit) and 26th-27th day (Commission) of Next Month

3rd Batch: 20th- 29th day of this month >>>>> 30th-5th day (Profit) and 6th-7th day (Commission) of Next Month


Table below are projection for 6 months to 1 year Return of Investment (R.O.I.)


For Frequently Question and Answer

UPDATED FAQs (its long but can answer most questions)


If you are interested just PM me or email me at rolly.custodio7@yahoo.com or FB account: http://facebook.com/rollycustodio7 or http://facebook.com/IamRDCustodio or call me at #0063-9278169365. or #0063-9088849431